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Bamboo is an invasive plant that can quickly take over your Long Island property. If you have bamboo growing on your land, it's important to have it removed before the extensive root system spreads and causes damage. Our bamboo removal technicians service all of Long Island and use effective methods to rid your land of this aggressive grass.

Bamboo Removal Process

We take bamboo removal very seriously and have a proven system.

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Bamboo regulations

No, bamboo is not illegal to grow in Long Island, New York.

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Why Choose Us

for Bamboo Removal


Over 10 years specializing in Long Island bamboo removal


removal techniques

Effective root removal techniques stop regrowth


safely remove

We safely remove all bamboo shoots and rhizomes


future cracking

Avoid future cracking and damage to pools, foundations, and landscaping


100% guaranteed

All work is guaranteed to completely remove your bamboo infestation


Bamboo is difficult to remove for a

few key reasons:

  • Extensive Root System - Bamboo spreads vigorously via an extensive system of underground stems and roots called rhizomes. These rhizomes grow horizontally and can spread several feet in all directions from the main plant. Removing all the roots and rhizomes is extremely labor intensive.
  • Fast Growing - Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants, growing up to 1 foot per day. Even tiny fragments of root or rhizome left behind can quickly form new shoots and regrow. Complete removal in one pass is critical.
  • Brittle Roots - The roots and rhizomes become thick and woody over time. Attempting removal by hand can leave remnants behind. Powerful excavation is typically needed to extract the entire root network.
  • Dense Growth - Large and dense groves of bamboo make removal difficult. The dense culms must first be taken down to provide access underneath to the root systems.
  • Year-Round Growth - Unlike trees, bamboo doesn't have a typical dormant season and grows year-round. It takes persistence to remove new shots as they repeatedly emerge.